How to Sneak Healthy Foods into Your Holiday Dishes, Without Anyone Noticing

The holidays are here, and it is time to savor all the joy they bring — friends, family, meals together, giving & gratitude.

Of course, along with them are hearty dishes and sweets that can certainly wreak havoc on our bodies. Casseroles laden with cream, sugary cakes and cookies, and other tempting empty calorie bombs will adorn the dining tables we surround.  Unless we do something about it, that is!

But how can you make healthy decisions during the season of eating, especially without anyone noticing?  Well,  I have a few of my favorite tricks to share with you that I use each season, and the best part is, nobody ever notices.

My favorite ways to sneak healthy goodies into my meals are… 

Go for bone broth or herbal teas

When you roast or poach food, make soups or stews, or even for your gravy, use something that gives you a boost of health instead of canned sodium-riddled broth or plain water. Using bone broth will add more depth of flavor, and it will provide you with healthy immune boosting properties.  You could also try herbal teas like ginger tea or green tea that will add a light flavor and add more antioxidants for better health.

Sprinkle in some turmeric

Turmeric is a naturally powerful anti-inflammatory that is filled with antioxidants.  It is related to ginger and looks quite similar to a ginger root, and is most easily consumed in dried form.  You can sneak it into dishes by sprinkling it in and enjoy the benefits it brings.  Add just a little bit to your sweet potatoes, salad dressings, and dips. Go easy on it since the flavor can be strong to those that aren’t used to it.

Use sweet alternatives

Don’t worry — I’m not suggesting you do away with your dessert table altogether, but those unrefined sugars are what we are trying to avoid.  If you swap out the unhealthy stuff for a natural sweetener that is a better option, you’ll still get the sweet tastes everyone loves without the slew of chemicals. Try raw organic honey.  Local honey is best, which can typically be found at your local health food store.  You can also look for coconut sugar or coconut syrup, or even use dates.

Freshen up flavors with fresh herbs

Fresh herbs add a new dimension of taste to your dishes without adding fat and calories. Plus, they naturally have their own benefits from adding more antioxidants to reducing inflammation. Experiment with your favorite ones to add more zing to your mashed potatoes or liven up your veggies.


I just have to share some pics from The New Boston Bakery in my hometown of Fall River Massachusetts…..the best food and environment.  I had the pleasure of enjoying a healthy breakfast with my siblings and mother before Christmas this year.

Then I got the best Happy Christmas & Merry Birthday Gift from my sister! A big hug to my sister for the awesome gift and to @Den_of_Gems for the creation of such cool jewelry (BTW, this is my 2nd custom set from them and I love original and unique. Love my Rhode Island handmade jewelry!)

  and here are the gals at Den of Gems => 

I hope you had the opportunity to visit with family and friends this holiday season!

The holidays don’t have to be so heavy on the unhealthy items, particularly when you use these simple tricks for making your favorite holiday dishes healthier. Happy Holidays!

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  1. Jill from Den of Gems on December 29, 2017 at 4:11 pm

    Ahhh what a great post!!! I’ll be using some of these tips! Annnd thanks so much for the feature! It means so much to us. We are thrilled you are loving the new gems. It was an honor and soooo fun creating it for you ❤️