Summer Immune Health

3 simple steps!

Given the current events o the topic of immune health, my focus this summer is building a kick butt immune defense system. This will ensure that come the “cold & flu” season I will be able to fight the germs off no problem. My basic wellness stays the same throughout out the year, but there are certain vitamins and minerals that I require during different seasons.

For example, we all know that during the summer months we are typically outside in the sunshine more exposing more skin that is exposed to the suns rays which is out vitamin D. During the colder months we tend to be indoors more or well covered due to cooler temps, this means our ability to be exposed to and absorb vitamin D is not that great. For this reason, I back off during the warmer months on my vitamin D and increase in the cooler months.

Summer nutrition seems to be much less complicated than winter. Here are my 3 summer essentials for a strong immune system which I will need to build up for the coming fall/winter months when most people get run down and sick.


Zinc & Vitamin D

Zinc not only boosts out immune system function but it also keeps our skin looking youthful (every women appreciates this added bonus!) I take 1 daily, every day.

Vitamin D is by far the least expensive way to make such a huge impact o the immune system as well as our overall health. Vita D is know to help with bone health, healthy heart, brain function and so much more! During the cooler months I take 6,000 IUD whereas during the summer I only take 3,000 IUD. Because I have an autoimmune condition its crucial that I keep up on Vitamin D at all times, but this amount seems to be doing the trick.


Vitamin C

Sustained Release Vitamin C is a special type of vitamin because the way it was designed to break down and be absorbed over a period of 12 hours. If you could, image swallowing an ice cube and its melting as it goes through your digestive tract, getting absorbed slowly but efficiently. This is important as we want our levels to be balanced through out the day. Vitamin C has been recognized for a long time as our healing vitamin. I focus on getting it mostly from my dark leafy green veggies, but its always best to have that added comfort of knowing I’m doing just a bit extra. Vitamin C is not just a healing vitamin is also help with absorption of other crucial vitamins & minerals.



Optiflora DI has been a game changer for me with my autoimmune disease. The D stands for digestion and the I stands for Immunity. This probiotic has been clinically proven to boost immunity as well as improve digestion, both of which are a huge component of my autoimmune. In the first 3 month of taking this, I dropped 20lbs!! Mind you I was doing nothing different, added nothing else except this probiotic. Plus…heres the bones for me, all my autoimmune numbers dropped dramatically meaning it was going into remission, which is my goal. Lower numbers typically mean less symptoms. Ah-mazing!

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