Have you ever wondered why your doctor orders the lab tests they do?

Or maybe you have done some research and wonder why your doctor isn't ordering some of the tests that you see others benefiting from?

One of the 12 modules in the Road Map to Recovery is all about labs. Which to get done, how to talk to your doctor about them, understand what each lab means and how to apply them to a program that brings real results, real relief.

I am sharing just one aspect of this module with you because I know how frustrating this process can be. I want to support you on your road to recovery.

Use this tool to understand what labs are most beneficial when determining what changes you need to make to tackle this issue and to start feeling human again!!


Thyroid Labs at-a-Glance, Ultimate cheat sheet!

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I know how challenging and frustrating dealing with this chronic illness can be, I hope this lab cheat sheet is helpful to you


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