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Stacey Lehn Wellness is a Mom owned and operated health & wellness consulting company that has a huge heart for bust professional women looking to find the balance between family, self, profession and passion. To learn more about Stacey and what makes her your "go-to" gal keep reading.....



In more past life Stacey owned and operated a child daycare, which meant lots of high energy and little faces. She worked with professional working moms who longed to find balance between their career and family.  Sadly they often were over stressed and unhealthy in most areas of their life. Stacey had the privilege of working with these women in a unique way as she was given the precious gift of helping to raise their children. She had the opportunity to see the other side of a working moms life, her family. As relationships with these women grew, they began to rely on Stacey for advice about how to deal with stress and often nutrition. This went beyond how to handle sticky situations with their children, it often went into conversation on how to prepare healthy meals after a long day at the office, or which supplements worked best to help boost energy and even which exercises worked best to help with minor aches and pains of a long tiring commute.  Stacey became that "go-to" person for these women along with the huge responsibility of of being a co-parent to their children during the work hours.

After a major car accident and several brain surgeries, it became very clear that running the childcare business just was no longer in the cards for Stacey as she needed to focus more on her own health and happiness.  This is when she decided to take her desire to work with women in a different way focusing on their heath and wellness the best she knew how with nutrition and lifestyle choices.

After overcoming her own health issues with the focus on nutrition and stress management, Stacey’s desire to expand her knowledge grew which lead her to the field of integrated nutrition.

Stacey received her training at the Institute for Integrated Nutrition in New York City along with board certification from the American Association of Drug Less Practitioners. She has used her training to design programs that show women how they can realign balance in there life.

Working with Busy, frazzled women who may have lost themselves in motherhood or their profession and the many hats us women wear, Stacey helps women to take back control of their health and wellness to have their desired success.

She has worked with women seeking a holistic approach to their health. Helping them focus on simple changes that improve their energy, mood, productivity and relationships.

Stacey Lehn Wellness hosts in person workshops along with virtual individual and groups coaching sessions. She is the author of two recipe books available on this website.

Want to learn more about how health coaching can help you? Watch this short video .


Stacey is a Family First kind of business owner.

"We may not have it all together, but together we have it ALL!" -Stacey


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