Sweet Potato Dip 🍠

I learned during a Healthy 7 Day Cleanse that I love this dip with apple slices, celery, raw asparagus or cucumbers! Yes you read that right, RAW ASPARAGUS!!

Sweet Potato Dip 🍠 

•2 heaping cups sweet potatoes (Steam till soft)

•Throw in food processor and ADD…

•Juice of 1.5 lemons (2 if you like lemon)

•2 tsp coconut oil

•3 tsp vanilla 

•Pinch of sea salt

•Zested ginger (optional)

•Blend and add water (if needed) to get desired texture.

**Eat with raw veggies/fruit of choice. 

The perfect snack for our 7 day whole food cleanse and every day. Freezes well too – portion into smaller servings. Easily doubled. 🙌

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