5 Tips When Traveling with kids

We LOVE to travel…if you have ever seen the movie RVing, there is a family in that movie that travels all over, homeschooling their children while traveling in a vintage RV…that could be us!



Here are just a few of my favorite tips, there are of course many, many more but these are the top 5 must try tips when traveling with kids…..


To build excitement, make a paper chain that the child will tear one link off every day leading up to the day of the trip. This is perfect for younger children who cannot read the calendar yet.

TIP #2:

when packing for young children, pack each complete outfit in large ziploc type bags. This makes it easy to grab and get the child dressed. The bags can also be used for storing the dirty clothes in after wearing. Lets face it kids are messy and we want to stay as organized and stress free as we can when traveling with kids.


Be sure to pack lots of fun activities the child can do “quietly” such as; coloring book, journal, crayons, markers, pencil. reading books are helpful too.


Pack snacks. Our family is big on eating healthy, which means more work in the planning for mom & dad, but to know our kids are healthy and happy is worth it. We pack as much as we can into each carry on or take-a-long bag and also a community food bag. This community bag holds foods that not messy but will help sustain out energy and keep us from wanting to grab fast food. If we are driving we also pack meals in a small cooler to eat while we are traveling. This is not only healthier, but saves us money, money we can use on our trip!


For the extreme travelers, pack an electric skillet! we often food shop once we reach our destination and cook in our hotel rooms. This is an excellent way to ensure better nutrition and to save tons of cash! We estimated once that we saved over $500 on a recent family trip by doing this! When traveling by car, we pack the food too!

It may be crazy at time, but we truly do love exploring, meeting new people and making memories.

What tips do you have for traveling with kids? => leave a comment!

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