Kombucha for the WIN! *simple brewing recipe

There is no denying that kombucha is loved by many and for good reason. Kombucha helps replenish the good bacteria in our digestive system as well as keep that bacteria thriving. If you are new to the theory that we are housing a “ka-gillion” bacteria in our digestive tract, don’t be scared or grossed out, they are beneficial and the more good bacteria we have the better.

You can think about it this way, we have tiny workers inside us working diligently to keep our insides clean, constantly “sweeping” out the bad stuff left behind by the food we eat and drink. Issues arise when the workers are killed off leaving the few to do the big workload which they cannot and then we start to become overloaded with toxins and cant properly absorb the nutrients we are ingesting.

How do they die?

There are many factors that go into the killing of the good bacteria “workers” here the main culprits:
1. Anti-biotics – it’s literally in the name “anti”
meaning that this strong medication kills the bad bacteria causing whatever infection the medication was prescribed for as well as the good “worker” bacteria along with it.
2. Sugar – sugar throws off the balance by feeding the bad bacteria making them stronger than the good bacteria causing an overgrowth and population of the bacteria. If you feel this is the main cause, I suggest enrolling in the Total Wellness Program to kick-start a new normal for you.
3. Stress – stress can cause over consumption of carbohydrate-rich foods that convert to sugar leading us back to #2. If you would like more support in dealing with stress in a healthier way, check THIS out.
4. Toxins – Cleaning products and even self-care products can be loaded with heavy metals and toxins that disrupt the natural balance of how we detox within our organs which can lead to toxic overload weakening that good bacteria allowing the bad bacteria to overtake the digestive tract.


Without a healthy bacterial balance we can experience:

  1. Feeling weighed down both physically and mentally
  2. Opened up to leaky gut causing inflammation and malabsorption of nutrients
  3. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies *see #2
  4. Deficiencies leading to health issues such as autoimmune (such as Hashimotos), chronic allergies and mental illness
  5. Weight gain

Kombucha is just one way to help keep the bacterial balance in check, adding other fermented foods and supplementing with probiotics is suggested when there is already signs of an imbalance.

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Basic Kombucha Recipe

Here is the most basic kombucha recipe! <br>Stop wasting so much $ on the store-bought version that has been overly sweetened which contain fewer benefits than brewing your own at home. <br>



  • 1 gallon mason jar or jug
  • 1 muslin cloth or tightly woven type or paper filter *can sub with organic tea bags too
  • 1 cloth tea bag *if using loose leaf tea
  • 1 elastic to hold clothes on jar top
  • 3 TBSP organic tea, loose leave I prefer oolong
  • 1 Cup Sugar or Honey
  • 4 Cups Water *filtered for boiling tea
  • 8 Cups Cold water *filtered
  • 1 Scoby *purchase or make own


  1. Bring 4Cups water to boil, then turn off heat. Steep tea bag for 5-7 minutes.
  2. Remove tea bag add Sugar and dissolve completely. Transfer to jar/jug.
  3. Fill with 8 Cups of cold water.
  4. Once at room temp (68-86 degrees), add scoby along with about 3/4 Cup of the liquid it comes with.
  5. Cover jar/jug with cloth and elastic. Store in a low traffic area out of direct sunlight for the brewing process.
  6. *be sure to notate the date the brewing started.
  7. After 7-9 days taste test it. If you want it fizzier you can leave to brew a day or two longer.
  8. Once at the right taste, transfer to glass bottles and store in the fridge.
  9. *you can also do a 2nd brewing by flavoring the kombucha once transferred to the glass bottles.
  10. *suggested flavoring: fruits (peach, apple, berries, etc)
  11. One of our favorites is berries & fresh ginger slices.

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